Main Hall

19.30 Metallica by Scary Guyz
20:50 System Of A Down by Steal This System
22:10 Linkin Park by 1StepKloser
23:40 Korn by gRain

Room 041

20:00 Black Sabbath by 4Oz.
21:00 Ozzy by 4Oz.
22:10 Opeth by City Of Moon
23:40 Manowar by Manomore  

Small Hall

20:30 Within Temptation by Silent Temptation
21:50 Rancid by Timebomb 
23:10 Uriah Heep by Heep Freedom 

Garden stage

20:00 Anett & Eszti acoustic

Age limit: 16+

After: DJ Ozsi