Death to Realism is a dance party, a puppet show and a mystical experience. It infuses positive energy and motivational concepts with magical thinking and comedy. It’s an existential thought experiement about the ideas that you hold as true can often be holding you back, limiting you and keeping you from letting magic in. It’s about breaking down those beliefs and getting outside of the box in your head.

It’s about deciding your deepest wishes, your dreams and screaming them into the sky. It’s about waking up tomorrow a new you. A version of yourself that you want to be. It’s about simulating your simulation and seeing what happens!


The show all happens in a 4x4x6 foot box. Inside are 2-5 puppets. The first puppet is Shnoodle and they teach you about the history of bananas and how to get out of your head. The second puppet is named Oola The One. They are a tiny little god that we worship that lives in the bottom of the box. Oola will talk to people and give fortune’s (little cards) to audience members that include zen stories related to their journey.

Ideas on manifestation, achieving your dreams and stepping outside the simulation are not only spoken about but discussed with the audience in-between dance songs.


Both puppets sing electronic dance music (3-5 songs total). The whole show can go between 30-60 minutes depending on how much fun everyone is having.


It’s a high energy party for all ages. Anyone with an open mind or a closed one that needs cracking open!