For the next event of Turbina and Selected Sounds the EXILES label joins in as well, to bring you Claire Rousay and Adela Mede!
Rousay creates her sensitive music from background noises - whispers, the ticking of clocks, the sound of traffic. The emo ambient artist records every single day, from beginning to the end, so her music is actually the sound of her life, in a different context.
claire rousay - a kind of promise
Adela Mede plays with the connection between sound and technology in her trilingual tracks, which she sings in Hungarian, Slovakian and English. Her intimate music is inspired by folklore and minimalism among others, her debut album will be released on February 25th.
Adela Mede - Wind Chime
MA'AM's electronica, based mostly on improvisation, puts ancient languages in a digital environment. She's an important part of the Hungarian experimental scene, with several workshops and theatre playsalso on her resume.
MA'AM - Murmur
Zsüja's magical music invites us on transcendent journeys. It's easy to get lost in her psychedelica!
Zsüja - people with turquiose noise
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