** You can also pay in cash at the venue (1.500Ft) **

This month we are featuring Women Entrepreneurs! 

6 minutes presentation 

20 minutes feedback  

Learning. Inspiration. Community. This is 620ChiliNights. 






Your home ought to be a place that feels great to return to day after day. Instead, we tend to surround ourself with useless objects that holds us in the past preventing us from focusing on the more important parts of our present. Szandra helps you fix all this: consultation, courses, vlog, daily tips, and many more!


Zsuzsa Huszár - SMART SWEETIES


Sugar stimulates the same area of the brain as cocaine. The short term happiness has got its price: obesity, bad teeth and diabetes are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Smart Seeties gives you the same taste without the negative effects. 


Sári Volom - PHOTON


The Uber for photoshoots, Photon provides expert photographers that perfectly matches your event. As a platform for connecting supply and demand, building both sides of the market can be challenging. Hear their issues and our solutions!