The club festival of A New East: Budapest Showcase Hub, better known as BuSH, returns  for the eighth time to bring together an audience open to fresh music and city festivals by inviting them to experience the hottest artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile international and domestic music professionals, the movers and shakers of the industry, will join together to find out what makes the heart of the region beat, what the latest, most interesting international trends and phenomena are. 

Between November 2 - 4, 35+ artists from over 13 countries will fill Budapest's iconic clubs and exclusive pop-up venues with music with the most influential music professionals joining at the daytime conference - the base of which will be the Loft/Black Hall.

Passes & tickets explained:
PRO PASS: Mingle with music professionals, join great keynotes and panels, and explore all the hottest shows for all 3 days.
CARSON COMA + FESTIVAL PASS: Rock ‘n roll with guaranteed admittance to Carson Coma plus visit all BuSH shows.
FESTIVAL PASS: Club hop around Budapest as you explore all the hottest shows BuSH has to offer for all 3 days. 
FESTIVAL TICKET / THURSDAY: Get a taste of BuSH with access to shows on Thursday.
FESTIVAL TICKET / FRIDAY: Start your weekend off right with access to our Friday show lineup.
FESTIVAL TICKET / SATURDAY: HEAVY AF: Get Heavy AF with access to our Saturday heavy music showcase.

!! The Carson Coma show tickets are limited. Be sure to get it while it lasts!



Akvárium Nagyhall
20:00-20:40 Lenny
21:00-21:40 Elephants from Neptune
22:00-23:00 Carson Coma

Akvárium Kishall
21:40-22:20 Freakin Disco
22:45-00:45 Pure Lust: Daniel Ban, Daniel Santiago
00:45-02:00 Stimming

Akvárium Lokál
20:20-21:00 Daniel Docherty
21:20-22:00 Nina Kohout

Rumbach Zsinagóga
19:30-20:10 Birds of unknown
20:30-21:10 Duo Ruut
21:30-22:30 The Devil's Trade

21:20-22:00 MRFY
22:20-23:00 Artificialice
23:20-00:00 Makrohang



Black Hall

22:00-22:40 Dimitri's Bats
23:00-23:40 Trokut
00:00-01:00 Sisi
01:20-02:00 Arleta
02:20-03:00 XCES

20:20-21:00 Alone at Parties
21:20-22:00 Call Me Unique
22:30-23:10 Klawo
23:40-00:20 Duckshell

20:00-20:40 Lupa
21:00-21:40 cancel.
22:00-22:40 Flanger Kids
23:00-00:00 Ficture



Turbina - Nagyterem
18:30-19:10 Phrenia
19:30-20:10 Mother of Millions
20:30-21:10 Jakub Zytecki
21:30-22:30 LAZARVS

Turbina - Kisterem
18:10-18:50 Love'n'Joy
19:10-19:50 ###
20:10-29:50 Erdve
21:10-21:50 TDK (edited) 

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