Bridge To Solace – reunion show at Dürer Kert, Budapest!

September 9th, 2023, Budapest @ Dürer Kert
Bridge To Solace
The Last Charge

Doors open: 19:00
Tickets: 3.490 HUF (sold out) / 3.990 HUF (sold out) / 4.490 HUF (presale and door price at day of show)
Ticket link:
Presale start: January 20th, 2022, 11:00 am

Twelve years after our last official full set and six years after our short reunion appearance at Charity Punk Night we felt the time is right to get together and play a show.

Of Bitterness and Hope turned 18 last year and we celebrated it with a great vinyl release. Obviously after such event you start thinking about wanting to experience this amazing feedback live, you wonder if you have anything left to say and if you’re still able to give a part of yourself to yourself and your audience.

So we’re not just another band riding a lame nostalgia train – even if we have hinted at this info in the past years –, we are also confirming that we work on a new EP, which was already recorded summer of 2018. Just like the idea behind the EP, the idea behind this show is very similar: to have fun without any of the burden. We won’t be a 100% active band, but we wish to do some things from time to time. We won’t say this will be the one and only occasion, and if you miss out, you miss out for good, but we’re not here to make empty promises either, simply we’re at a different point in our lives than when we were in our late 20s.

The first stop on this new path of ours is the 9th September, 2023 at the new Dürer Kert’s main room and it wouldn’t be whole if it weren’t for spending it with friends. Please welcome our guests who we felt we want to share this eve with. Former contemporaries, friends, bands we have influenced and who all did their best to give something more, something of value in a world out there that’s more unbearable to live in.

We will be joined by our close friends in The Last Charge, who recently returned with a banger of a show and new track ’One Last Dance’ and Téveszme, who we shared the stage with on the last show of our last ever Europe tour in Miskolc, Hungary and ever since that night in 2009 became on of the most influential Hungarian underground bands. Also to join the show are Touch, one of the most exciting hardcore bands in Hungary, who became influential in carrying the torch of a renewed community and Fleshprison, Budapest's new hardcore punk sensation comprised of friends, including current and former members of Bridge To Solace.