Humans have always wanted to find an explanation for how and why one of their fellow humans became so strange, so strikingly different - whether physically or mentally. A common belief throughout Europe in the Middle Ages was that this was because fairies sometimes sneaked into the

houses and steal the unattended baby, leaving their own offspring in their place, and the fairy left among humans would try in vain to thrive and fit in.

The heroine of our 21st century story, Juli, is one such fairy girl - in the folktale sense of the word - who has grown up among humans and doesn't know why she isn't like the others. Perhaps only her outlook on life is stranger than her movement, but Bálint is not bothered: he sees her as wonderful, special and lovable, but while they are happily dating, Juli's parents are waiting for her back home in Fairyland...

The show is also about eccentricity - but it's much more about self-discovery or self-discovery.

of revealing or hiding ourselves, of the opposites of honesty and pride, openness and fear. It's about whether it's worth saying and showing everything in a fairy-like way, or whether we should stay in the safe shelter of the human condition.

Present Creative Group

Written and directed by: Ilona Ágnes Varró


Juli, 27-year-old fairy - Boróka Kovács

Bálint, 25-year-old man - Botond Pinczési

Fairy Mother - Zsófi Kocsonya

Fairy father - István Márton Balogh