The online presale is closed. Tickets of all types (A/B/C) will be available for purchase at the venue from 1 PM! 

More tickets are available at the venue from 1 PM!

MyMusicTaste is happy to present Block B 2017 LIVE BLOCKBUSTER IN BUDAPEST!

Block B is a South Korean boy band under Seven Seasons and consists of Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jae-hyo, U-Kwon, Park Hyung, Zico, and P.O. Since their debut in 2011, Block B has continued to impress their fans and critics by topping Korea’s major music charts and winning numerous awards like Mnet Asian Music Awards. Block B has also been gaining recognition in other countries. Their 2015 single “Very Good” in Japanese version garnered success, ranking fifth place on the Oricon Weekly Chart and seventh place on the Billboard Japan Hot 100.  

Block B fans were instrumental in making this show happen. Hungarian Block B fans created a viral movement via MyMusicTaste, an online service that brings together music fans to request their favorite artist’s concert, and demanded Block B come to Budapest for the first time.

As a special thank you to all TasteMakers, those who made the show happen on MyMusicTaste, for Block B in Budapest, we will be preparing a special gift to all those who attend the show!  Details will be announced at a later date! Please check MyMusicTaste’s official Facebook for details. 

*If you are not a MyMusicTaste member yet, join us and request your favorite artist's concert on  You too can have access to special perks when your dream concert becomes a reality! 

Ticket types:


There will be two lines for entry: one for early entry (Types A+B) and another for general entry (Type C). Lines for the respective sections will form on a first-come, first-serve basis. Type C ticket holders will enter the venue once the Type A and B ticket holders have entered. 

The Meet & Greet will happen after the show and will include a high touch event & group photo opportunity (a group of 10).

*Attendees under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult to enter!