Black6ix,  a 6 member South-Korean boyband (their group name means six boys with infinite possibilities) debuted in 2017 under Black Hole Entertainment goes on a European Tour this May,  which includes Budapest! 

The members of the grpup are Yongseok,  Taeyoung,  Jongwoon,  Ziki,  Yey and The King

They have debuted in the spring of 2017 with their first single album called Please,  which has been followed by two other single albums,  and a mini album called Swamp of Despair.

Their style is dance/electronic,  mid-tempo catchy pop music.


The venue of the event is Analog Music Hall, opened last May.


Ticket categories: 1. Meet&Greet - 20 000 HUF 2. Fansign - 13 000 HUF 3. General - 7000 HUF Meet&Greet ticket includes a Hug-event, photo with the band, and access to rehearsal. Fansign ticket includes Hi-Touch and a pre-signed poster. [Posters will be available for purchase at the venue. Pre-signed posters are exclusive for the Fansign ticket holders.]
Selfie tickets are only valid for the indicated member's selfie session. To enter the concert, you'll need either a General, a Meet & Greet or a Fansign ticket.


doors open: 18:00
show start: 19:00
Meet & Greet and Fansign sessions: after the show