Creation and connection, arts in unusual contexts.

Our first event to introduce us, AZVLM in Dürer Kert including exhibitions, performances, games and music.

Come to play it, shake it, listen it,  draw it, clap it, write it, touch it, taste it, you can think about it or simply just feel it.

The goal of our brand new team is to get arts out of the usual environment and bring it together with the fun activities we do on a regular basis, whilst indulging the audience into the process of creation.


Nagy András (XYZ) : WE SENSE LIVE

Ezremek bábgép show

Bálna előadás (SZFE) 


Tekné - egy készülő dokumentumfilm tanulságai

Dino Coming Out ízelítő 

free creative painting session 

Gerincz projekt, Sticky 


Gastro Trash

Szagos Hörigekkók adománykoncert

Ricsárdgír zenekar Transzdzsender Divatbemutatókoncert 

PMS kazi dj set < Max Sinclair (Dalmata Daniel) & Palmovka (BABA VANGA) >

NYXA & Piros

Előd Janky & F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶ & z n o Hangkiállítás

Czitrom & ooo



Lahmacun rádió 

Moonbase Patel Disco (OS)

Kristof Kelemen

Adis Abbé & Marci Csörgő b2b

Bettina Nem

dj nő 

Let’s look for your answer and find your voice!

Will you leave your mark?

- visitor ticket: 1000HUF (Access to the event from 17:00)
- primery support ticket: 3000 HUF(Access to the event from 17:00 and participation in a prize game to win Kolorádó and Ubikeklektik festival passes or Bánkitó festival daily tickets.)
- secondery support ticket: 2000HUF (Access to the event from 17:00 and participation in a prize game to win Hübris beer collection, GastroTrash dinner or Azure festival pass.)