Waldorf movement celebrates its centenary this year. Let us meet and jubilate together! Let us experience how wide-spread we have grown the last thirty years. However, the most appropriate might be showing it not only through words but rather by representing the accumulated strength in its moving and working form.

This night our students are the protagonists - their common artistic presentation and their enthusiasm is to be shown. The celebration’s initiative is about unity and joint support. This night the separate work done by the schools is not to be highlighted but the unity of the aritstic groups and the great strength born as the fruit of the common work.

11.11.2019., 19.00
Eurithmy: common presentation of various Waldorf-schools
Words of greeting: Vekerdy Tamás
Waldorf Student Choir chorus master László Bencze

Karl Orff: Carmina burana – United Waldorf Student Choir