Let’s create a space for connection and self reflection that helps answer the question, ‘What is a purposeful life for me?’

We’re using creative exercises to explore things like personal values, strengths and vision.
Towards the end of this workshop series everyone will have a space for beginning to map out what comes next in their lives. We will be also see how to put these considerations into practice.

Throughout the darkness of winter we will gather and prepare for 2024 by sparking our sense of community, creativity and self-knowledge. Join in if you need a space to gather around the metaphorical fire during the dark winter days and warm ourselves through being held and seen in a group.

We will meet once a week on Tuesdays, 6-7.30pm CET. 

The series will take place over the course of 6 weeks, from October 31st until Nov 5th.
We ask that, to the best of the abilities, people commit to the entire duration of the series. Of course understanding there will be times we can’t make here or there.

About our host:
Lily Asch is a creative, empathetic and agile storyteller, facilitator and social entrepreneur particularly interested in social entrepreneurship, mental health advocacy, non-formal education, arts and wellbeing.