We have great news for you!

We are pleased to invite you to 'Vegan Street Food Garden' Grand Opening party which we will hold next week on Wednesday on the 13th June. Vegan Garden is Hungary's first 100% plant-based food yard.

Our host is the popular vegan chef Kristóf Steiner. We will talk about the plant-based diet and how the vegan lifestyle is getting bigger and bigger nowadays.


From 20:00pm we will begin our fully plant-based dinner with Kristóf and his partner Nimi. We have 50 seats so make sure you book in advance!


We have 6 food trucks with different meals in our food yard and Kristóf has made the 6-course menu from their meals to offer.

Our menu will be:


- Starter (cold): Asian mushroom quice 

- Soup: Mexican corn soup with nachos

- Starter (warm): Mediterranean salad with seitan and veganaise

- Main 1: Green pizza

- Main 2: Indian chickpea plate with sweet potato fries

- Dessert: Salted caramel, pistachio and brownie ice-creams


The Vegan Garden Grand opening dinner costs: 7500HUF/person

Come and celebrate with us on 13th June, 2018 at Vegan Garden! Gates open from 19:30.

We reserve the right to any changes regarding to the program and the menu!