We lwould like to invite you at the Hotel Hélia on January 25 at 7:00 p.m., where we will officially kick off the year 2024.

We discuss topics such as self-confidence, success, shame, power, taboo, boundaries, sexuality, perfection, anger, privacy...you name it.

Whichever one of these sounds exciting for you, we will try to inspire you on how  and how to show yourself to the world as authentically as possible. In addition to visibility, we thoroughly examine all the issues that are needed today in order to be successful at any age, in any arena of our lives.

We would love to see you there: Juli Füredi, organizational culture fanatic and professional rebel, Orsi Iványi, Hungary's Menopause Ambassador, Móni László, personal branding expert. 

UP - because that is the only way!