The 12 year old Technodub Seance celebrates in Turbina’s clubroom. The tradition didn’t change, next to the residents we invited guests with strong dubtechno orientation:

Alexander Smith's work as a producer deserves some attention, his releases are spreading like wildfire. We’re hoping to hear some original tracks from him in his set.

Aero is a true warm up DJ. Together with Ferenc Szanati, they make a vinyl mix series called Euphonic Moments. Their loyalty to the genre is unquestionable. Splendid dubtech sets are expected.

Garpo’s live set are always a sure thing - a sea full of sub and bass. His pedantic tracks made him an unavoidable composer of the dubtechno scene.

Krisz Deak arrives straight from Tenerife, where he writes his new tracks using his own built modular synths. Upon request - as a founding member of TDS - Krisz will enchant us with a set that embraces 12 years of his dubtech producer work.

ZOL’s live act brings back a psychopathic state of mind of the postcovid trauma - mixed with some cosmic reverb waves and dry technodub vibes.

It’s not well known that the frequent performer of Lick the click and Sunburst event series started collecting dub influenced techno vinyls - which makes her almost the only female DJ to do so in Hungary. Maron will close the night with a sizzling set.


Alexander Smith: 23-00
Aero: 00-01
Ferenc Szanati: 01-02
Garpo live : 02-03
Krisz Deak  :03-04
Zol live  : 04-05
Maron : 05-06

early bird 1  .:  2000 /  5 €

early bird 2 . : 3000 /  7 €

gate .:  4000  / 10 €