"There's no Planet-B, open your eyes and see!"
As the poet says, and while we secretly hope that he is wrong, before an idealistic, insomniac billionaire colonize Mars, we (Para Hobo Records and Third Planet) would like to add something to protect our existing globe.
The proceeds of the first Planet-B Festival will be donated to MME - Magyar Madártani Egyesület (Hungarian Ornithological Association), the largest conservation organization in Central and Eastern Europe, independent of politics. We would also like to draw your attention to the importance of preserving our fauna.

AUDITORY: / Free /
Friday, March 6:
18: 30-19:15: "A Bustard sitting alone" - What about
the birdlife of meadows and arable land? (Attila Králl)
19:30-20:15: How we can help protect the birds around the house?
(Veronica Benedek)
Saturday, March 7:
18: 30-19:15: Don't poison the eagles! (Márton Árvay)
19:30-20:15: Mysterious guest of the night: The Forest Owl - bird of
the year, 2020 - (Veronika Benedek)

CAFE: / Free /
Both days:
-19:30-21:45 Feathers, Nests, Eggs (tutorial)
Friday, March 6:
-22:00-01:00 Para Hobo Vinyl Set (stoner-rock collection)
Saturday, March 7:
-22:00-01:00 Dj Bahama Chaos (weird and unusual)

Friday, March 6:
-20:30-21:20 Ripe Foal vintage-blues-rock
-21:35-22:35 Third Planet psych-prog-rock
-22:50-23:50 SINOPTIK /UA alternative-stoner-rock
-00:05-01:05 BRING ME GREEN alternative-stoner-rock
Saturday, March 7:
-20:30-21:20 Sauropoda avantgard-psych-jazz
-21:35-22:35 Giliszta alternative-psych-punk
-22:50-23:50 Újzenekar alternative-shaman-rock
-00:05-01:05 The Swamp Creatures psych-indie-rock

Daily Ticket: In Advance (coming soon): 1500.-
On site: 2000.-
Weekend Ticket: In advance (coming soon): 3000.-
On site: 3500.-

Our guests on site can decide which specific case they want to support by redeeming the ticket.
- March Habitat Management Program
- Making Odoes. removal, maintenance and replacement
- Kindergarten and school awareness