Cooling forest walk in the Buda Hills with environmental reasearcher, Zsuzsa Kray.

For KAPTAR members - registration link below!

Let’s connect with the forest microclimate,
- so you don't just have a soothing forest trail as a background image on your screen
- because the touch of living moss is more enjoyable than caressing a mouse or touchpad
- and replace your job motivation music with birdsong!

Let me invite you to join a participatory nature-connection walk for a pleasant Friday afternoon,
where we will take steps towards getting closer to nature, counteract human-nature disconnect and
maybe bring some individual answers to the climate- and biodiversity crisis of our time.

…Euh, fine, but what are we going to do?

On Participatory Nature Walks we connect in experiential, participatory approach that includes a
change of perspective and other mindfulness exercises. In addition to these, there is a strong
emphasis on sharing rounds in group.

We will take a few kilometres of leisurely walking, with little elevation gain and lots of stops, while
consciously slowing down.

What should I bring with me?

Openness to something new, your curiosity, cheerfulness, and interest. Yourself and your presence :)
Should I take a backpack then?

Sufficient fluids will be necessary in there and if you get hungry easily, a sandwich or muesli bar will
be serve.

Throw something into the bag that you can sit on (plaid or towel is perfect, for example)
Mosquito/bug repellent might come in handy

Check the weather a couple of days before the walk - but I'll post it here for the event - if you need
something against a quick summer shower or an extra layer of clothing.
Should I go?

Come on! Let's (re)connect with nature, in super community and good vibes :)
Please sign up here by Friday noon (28.07) so I can count you in and you’ll fit into the limit!

Suggested departure from KAPTÁR: before 16h
Meeting: 16.45h
Exact location will follow soon, keep an eye on the event description!

Read more about Participatory Nature Walks here:

and human-nature disconnect: