Dear Party Animals!

Ya all welcome to the first NiteFlexx club night of the decade that is gonna take place at Supersonic - Blue Hell & KVLT , with the mighty Magnetude guys doing their first ever show in Hungary!

The talented duo got exploded into the dnb scene, released their music on top labels such as (RAM Records, Eatbrain, Viper Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Lifted Music, Evolution Chamber)
Summer of 2019 brought them to the infamous festival Let It Roll, to showcase what they are about!
Their energetic Rave set will surely shake the industrial walls of Supersonic!

We won't let the mic to rest, MC Fantom is taking over the lyrical duties, keeping the hype alive!
Local support by the NiteFlexx djs and Zentie

Line up:
Dj Span
Hosted by: MC Fantom