NVC brought Extrawelt to Budapest for the first time 15 years ago, and now, thanks to them, they are visiting us again as part of their tour after celebrating their 15th birthday. Friends and idols who were all part of the story of NVC will make sure to keep us entertained during the party - at Turbina, a place that they can really call home.

The members of Extrawelt have been expanding the universe of electronic music for more than 20 years now, with unstoppable speed. Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have techno flowing in their blood, ever since they observed the parties as little children organised by their parents. They have already been around as Midi Miliz in the ‘90s, where most people saw this genre as black magic, but their contract with James Holden’s Border Community label was the kickstart they needed for really finding themselves and their passion for live acts. The music of Extrawelt constructs and destroys galaxies in the language of electronic music, with infinite dives into the abyss.

In the clubroom we can participate in the first Budapest show of Subjected - powered by the psychedelic techno crew Tripolar.


Main Hall (NVC) / Start: 2pm

Extrawelt Live

Naga + Beta (Hairy)

Isu + Sinko (Technokunst, Lick The Click!, NVC)

Tolo + Falcao (LavaLava)

Dr. Zoidberg + Subotage (NVC)

Clubroom (Tripolar) / Start: 4pm
Subjected (Vault Series, DE)






◖Main Hall (NVC)

Early bird / 3500 HUF
Presale 1. / 4500 HUF
Presale 2. / 5500 HUF

◖Clubroom (Tripolar)

Preasale / 3000 HUF

◖Main Hall + Clubroom combo

Early bird / 6000 HUF

Presale / 7000 HUF