According to the Act XIII of 2022 on the "Itemized Tax on Small Businesses" (KATA) introduced on 18 July 2022, we can only issue invoices for this event to individuals.

The charismatic singer had a busy year. At the beginning of the year, his debut album titled 'Csillag' was released by Move Gently Records. At the same time, she received the renowned Music Moves Europe Award and Petőfi Rádió's best female artist award, and recently she was also nominated at the MTV Music Awards. In addition to major domestic festivals, he also performed at the Vienna Waves, Eurosonic, The Great Escape and Superbloom festivals. On 15th of December the audience can expect an immersive end-of-year musical performance at MomKult Budapest.

The guest performer of the evening will be the up-and-coming Hari Drama - the artistic collective's concerts are characterized by an explosive, improvisational experience, they are inspired from all over the world.