The first autumn concert of the genious band called Besh o droM in the big hall of Turbina. 

Besh o droM is a well known and familiar part of the music scene. They’ve been travelling the world for twenty years, proof that there is demand for a band that simply can’t be squeezed into any single category. Their name has come to represent a fusion of unrestrainable rhythm, melodious tunes, instrumental virtuosity, and a guarantee of cheerful, dance-driven audiences. A much loved warm up for folk dancers and the favourite exponents of folk music to intellectuals, they are envied by folk musicians as rockers for producing the most audacious covers of traditional material. Their tour bus keeps numerous European petrol stations in business, and they recognise many international airports without a second glance. They played at the birth of festivals and at their finales, too. They carried the torch for young musicians and the staff of the old masters. Approaching the halfway mark on their journey, their enthusiasm remains undimmed, and with no need to knock at the neighbours’ door for musical jokes, they courageously shake up musical cocktails from seemingly incompatible flavours and find the unsuspecting tasters asking for more, over and over again. Twenty years is not such a big deal, but that a generation has grown up for whom there would have been no world music without Besh o droM must be a pretty good feeling.