Barabás opened his world up to solo performance with his 2013
album Sastra, which was followed by Elevator Dance Music in
2015. Capturing the zeitgeist, Algorhythms (2019) was released on
a flash disk packaged in a CD case. His solo project is based on
jazz and electronic music, sometimes mixed with a more classical

playing style. In addition to the trumpet, he uses keyboard instru-
ments, a looper and other sound modulators to play his original,

semi-improvised compositions. He combines meditative, “chill-out”
moods and dancing rhythms, as well as all shades in between. His
multi-instrumental music-making is not only worth hearing, but
also to watch, as it is a spectacular and unique performance. With
their definite sense of character, his pieces are almost like film
soundtracks, placing more and more emphasis on the piano.