Once upon time in-between the crumbling walls of Prague’s ghetto, a rabbi called Löw built a statue out of the river Moldva’s mud. He laid a magical piece of paper into the statue’s mouth: that instant, the being came alive.

The rabbi merely tried to defend his own from the danger lurking around them. Some 500 years later, we found ourselves in the same situation and called upon this mythic defender to help us protect the world in which we can all ourselves and members of a community without any coercion or constraint.

This year the Golem awakens for a fifth time to bring together the most exciting productions and organizer crews from all over Hungary’s underground music scene.

Symbolizing the way our diversity comes together for an unparalleled collective creation, this year we relocate to the outskirts of Szécsény to the absolutely unique Robinson-islands where we envisaged a dynamically changing event with pop-up stages appearing here and there – and many more.

Can’t wait to see you all,

Gólem Crew