After a year full of uncertainties, something is already clear: this year, the Danube Summer Camp (Dunai Nyári Tábor) will be held again.
We haven’t rest in the last year: we've managed to put together a more exciting program than ever before, invited unique music performers and we've created a new website as well, which you can see here:

Date: July 15 - 18.
Location: Szent László Bridge, Fajsz, Zarándok szoborcsoport
Who do we recommend the event to? To anyone who wants a little relaxing fun near the beautiful Gemenci Tájvédelmi Körzet (Gemenc Landscape Protection Area). What can you expect? An unforgettable, friendly, mini electronic music festival in a unique environment right on the banks of the Danube, where the country’s most talented house and techno performers will deliver deceptive beats for 4 days. Camping is available, but we also run bus services from nearby villages and cities.
You can view the line-up announced so far here:

What we’re still up to: exhibitions and live acts by super talented local artists, beautiful beach, fresh new stage installations, excellent sound system, cold drinks, delicious food, sunny weather and other off programs that we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks. Click “Going” in the event and be the first to know about announced programs, artists, and upcoming informations. Kevesebb jelenjen meg